Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lost London: Explorations of a Dark Metropolis

In April Robin and I took part in a conference at Sheffield Hallam University 'Lost London: Explorations of a Dark Metropolis'. Academics and academic artists from the disciplines of architecture, literature and film met over a two day period. Iain Sinclair gave the keynote speech. It was a good couple of days, I especially liked paper on the way London had been used as locations for British Sci Fi TV by Jonathan Bridle (Sheffield Hallam University) '"Tunnel Visions": The London Underground in British Science Fiction Television' and talk on London cemeteries Gian Luca Amadei (University of Kent) '"Urban Burials”: Discovering the Role of Burial Grounds within the Planning for Twenty-First Century London’, oh yes - and Robin's paper/performance on London physical and psychic spaces which exist outside nomenclature: '"The Bike Cemetery": Ethics of Representation in Contested Territory'. I gave my film Empty Orchestra a first airing. This project, as many of you who know me will remember with a wry smile, is a labour of love that I've been tinkering away at for more years than I will ever admit - in between doing other things. The link to the film is here.

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